Equity Valuations

BilanzierungWhen Valuing a Company you are rating not just the Past but also the Future of a Company!

When I am Valuing a Company, I don`t just take the Earnings, Revenue and Sales (Hard skills), archived in the past, in consideration, but also rate the Soft skills such as the CEO`s capability and the Future Outlook of a Company. Means I am checking the following points: 

  • What happens, when a product fails in the Market. Are there any alternative Incomes? Is the company’s Production field wide enough?
  • Is the Industry, the company is placed in, going to be relevant in the future?
  • Do I trust the CEO and the Management?

To finish the Valuation I’m doing a summary and Analysis of all the Hard and Soft Skills and building a Buy, Hold or Sell recommendation

Since I’m Aiming at Longterm Investments with the Valuations, it might happen, that the Corporations figures might lock very good, but I’m still recommending to Hold or even Sell. This then might be due to the fact, that the Outlook is not very good or I don’t trust the Management.

If there are any questions according to the Valuation approach, or you have any questions regarding a published Valuation, please do not hesitate to send me an email. The address is as following: unicorn.invest@web.de

Surely I also offer to analyze a company that you might be interested in. Therefore please just leave a comment below or sent me an Email including the Companys name.

Enjoy the reading!

Unicorn Investment

  1. Valuation BB Biotech (German)
  2. Valuation Linde AG (German)
  3. Valuation Deutsche Bank AG (German)
  4. Unternehmensanalyse Coca Cola


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