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Dear Reader,

first of all, when you entered this website, we both have something in common. We share a passion. The passion about the Financial Markets. My name is David and I managed to get on the right track to turn my passion into my daily job. Therefore I am currently pursuing my Bachelor Degree at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management. During my studies, I decided to start this Website to transport things that I’ve learned during classes, or during Trading and Analysing the Financial Markets, to other finance interested people. 

It`s my aim to make the Market attractive for all those, who haven’t had a lot of contact with Stocks, Bonds, and Valuations, but have always tried to find their way into the topic. I`ve made my personal experiences and do know how complicated things can get and that, especially as a beginner, a lot of things seem out of range and nearly impossible to learn. But trust me it’s not as complicated as you might think. Therefore I`ll try my best to write my reporting and analysis as simplified and understandable as possible. When you are reading my content, you are about to notice, that I am following the idea of „Competence shown through simplicity“. Aswath Damodaran who is one of the most respected Financial Analyst and Professor at NYU once said, that there are three main difficulties with Financial Valuations. And one of those three is, that people try to complicate things too much. Though the real benefit of Analysis is the simplicity. 

I’m also trying to fill the whole field of the exchanges. Such as Charting Analysis, Valuations of Equities or Bonds and even Country Valuations. Since I’m working on that website on my own, I hope, that you can understand, that due to the fact that my main goal is to deliver quality, it might take some time to update certain categories. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

Nevertheless, I’m trying my best to deliver the Dailies and the News update on a daily basis and at least publish one or two Valuations per month. 

Furthermore, I am working on my personal Portfolios which can be followed real-time on or on my website. To see my current Portfolios, the Strategies and the developments, feel free to check them out under the category „portfolio“.  To keep you updated, I’ll post all my trades within these Portfolios on my website and I’ll also give a short statement why a trade happened. I’m currently running two main portfolios, but I’m happy to announce, that there will be at least two more during 2017.  If you have any questions according to the strategies or the reason for certain trades, please do not hesitate to ask questions. Therefore you can simply write me an Email.


For those of you, who hadn’t had too much contact with technical or fundamental Analysis, I’m currently working on a little guide, that’s about to be published in sections. Unfortunately, it’s only available in German so far, but I’m working on an English version as well.  

Since I’m always happy to hear feedback and get suggestions from my readers, please sent me an email with all your ideas to better this web site.

I`ll promise to answer as soon as possible

Kind regards 


David v. Waldenfels

Frankfurt School of Finance and Management

B.SC Banking and Finance










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